Photo Gallery

Pictures of our trip to Florida to see Andy.  He's two months old.

January 2003


Andy and Arlene

Andy and Arlene

Andy and Arlene

Andy and MOMMY

Tickle your toes

Squirmy Andy

Chris, Andy and Scrappy

Chris and Andy

Our trip to Estelle's Fabrics

I'll be able to crawl one of these days

My toy makes noise. This is fun!!!

I'm so frustrated

Mitch and Andy

Chris, Mitch, Jess, Bill and Andy

Chris and Mitch on the beach

Chris, Mitch, Jess, Bill, and Andy on the beach

Beach at Panama City

Playing on my jumper

I like playing in the jumper

Sitting in my boppy

This is fun

Wow!! This makes noise

Nap time

I'm trying to crawl